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The Benefits of Medicines Development Education


See the Big Picture

Get a comprehensive understanding of Patient Centered Medicines Development, such as Clinical Trials, Regulatory Sciences, Ethics, Health Economics and Medical Affairs.


Get a Global Perspective

Learn from renowned industry experts and network with today’s and tomorrow’s leaders from around the globe.


Drive Patient Outcomes

In parallel with your personal advancement—the competencies gained would also contribute to better medicines and leveraged patient outcomes.

Our Certification Programs

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Our Alumni Network

Learn from alumni about what the Academy's certification programs have done for their career.

Our Alumni Network

"I am very proud and satisfied of being a student of the IFAPP Academy-King's College London Professional Certification Program, because it gave me the knowledge and resources to contribute with the development of medicines and to ensure that better medicines are available for clinical use."

"The IFAPP Academy-King's College London program significantly enriched my knowledge of medicines development, enhancing my ability to effectively engage a broad range of cross-functional stakeholders across the product life cycle, with a Patient First mindset."

"The IFAPP Academy-King's College London Professional Certification Program has advanced my knowledge and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole and has laid a foundation for doing a better job as a Medical Affairs professional. The discussion forums supporting the lectures facilitate reflections and insights into different health care systems."

"The uniqueness of the IFAPP Academy-King's College London Program is that the Program provides an excellent overview of several areas of Medical Affairs, global perspectives, regulatory and safety – all at the same time."

Our Students Come From Over 55 Different Countries

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