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Here's what students are saying about IFAPP Academy:

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Dr. Epaïnète GAWA

"This program is an opportunity to exchange with experts and other professionals from the pharmaceutical industry through webinars and forums. In addition to deepening our knowledge, it is a professional network that is created."

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Dr. Sandra Bosold

"I have greatly benefitted from the exchange with colleagues from all over the world. IFAPP's program is a truly global one."

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Mohamed Amine Harti

"The IFAPP Academy Program has broadened my knowledge and background through a premier level of academic lectures and learning."

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Olena Kurayeva

"This program helped to identify more areas where I can make a difference as a Medical Lead, which results in bringing additional value to the company, and where my background is essential."

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IFAPP Academy students are
employed and sponsored by

IFAPP Academy

The International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Pharmaceutical Medicine (IFAPP) Academy is a non-profit organization based in the USA, affiliated with IFAPP, and is comprised of a unique partnership between academia, industry, and professional associations to foster competencies and improving performance in medical affairs and medicines development. The IFAPP-Kings College Medical Affairs in Medicines Development Certification Program was created to achieve this goal.

The aim of the e-learning course is to provide the core cognitive competencies for an effective performance in medicines development and medical affairs. The certification program is of particular value for those individuals already working in (or interested in joining) pharmaceuticals, academia, and regulatory agencies.

Students successfully completing the course will receive a Certificate granted by King’s College London and IFAPP Academy and a Professional Certification granted by IFAPP and the IFAPP Academy. The use of post-nominal letters (CMD) to attest certification will be awarded.


  • Syllabus based on the PharmaTrain Base Course with focus on Medical Affairs in Medicines Development.
  • Learning outcomes aligned with the IFAPP-PharmaTrain Core Competencies in Medicines Development
  • Offered as blended e-learning CPD accredited by King’s College London (King’s).
  • To be completed within a 42 week period.
  • Each of the 6 modules include 10 asynchronous lectures and 4 synchronous webinars followed by home readings.
  • Assessments will be conducted at the end of each module and at the end of the program.
  • Applications for the 2021 program will be available Summer 2020

Anthony ‘Tony’ Fox, MDVisiting Professor, King’s College London and Co-editor of Principles and Practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Greg Koski, PhD, MDCo-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES), Boston, MA

Value of


IFAPP Academy Value of CMD Certification

Patients, physicians, health care providers, insurers and quality organizations regard certification as an important measure of a biomedical professional’s knowledge, experience and skills to provide quality health care services within a given specialty.

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Value of

Medical Affairs

IFAPP Academy Value of Medical Affairs

The pharmaceutical industry has seen major changes over the past decade. As market pressure has intensified and commercial practices have come under closer scrutiny, there has been a marked increase in scientific rigor across the industry. One consequence of this shift has been a renewed emphasis on the importance of the Medical Affairs function.

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Strategic Alliance

King’s College London

IFAPP Academy Value of Alliance with King's College London

On September 1st, 2016 IFAPP and King’s College London agreed to establish a strategic collaboration for the production and delivery of a Professional Certification Program in Medical Affairs in Medicines Development with the involvement of the IFAPP Academy.

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Hot Topics of
Medical Affairs

Congratulations to Dr. Silva on being awarded the FPM Honorary Fellowship FFPM(Hon)

Congratulations to Dr. Silva, IFAPP Academy’s President, on being awarded the FPM Honorary Fellowship FFPM(Hon)

Each year, The FPM (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine) Fellows are invited to nominate exceptional individuals for Honorary Fellowship. According to the FPM’s website, Honorary Fellowship is the highest honor FPM can bestow, it recognizes the recipient’s eminence within their own field and their outstanding contribution to pharmaceutical medicine. On the recommendation of the Fellowship and […]

News from
IFAPP Academy

Dr. Gustavo Kesselring, IFAPP Academy VP with CIOMS group in Geneva

Gustavo Kesselring Appointed New CIOMS Executive Committee Member Representing IFAPP

Gustavo Kesselring, MD, IFAPP Academy Vice President & International Affairs, IFAPP, has been appointed CIOMS Executive Committee Member on behalf of IFAPP as of 18 December 2019. As well known, CIOMS (Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences) is a non-profit organization associated with UNESCO and WHO. The CIOMS mission is to advance public health through guidance […]

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