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Drug Development in a Post-COVID World

Drug Development in a Post-COVID World

COVID-19 has fundamentally altered the drug development landscape in ways that are both transformational and far-reaching. From the integration of powerful technologies to assist with the discovery and development of promising new drug candidates, to the adoption of novel, decentralized clinical trial designs, which reduce the burden on patients participating in clinical studies, the drug development enterprise has met the challenge of COVID-19, and is embracing new operational and business models to maximize productivity and ROI going forward.

In this webinar, we will examine the changing global landscape for pharmaceutical R&D, focusing specifically on COVID-19 and its influence on R&D and business strategies, as well as regulatory policies pertaining to the development and approval of important new pharmaceutical therapies.

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Cheryl Freeman
Medical Manager at Pfizer
Roberto Araujo
Former Global Head of Medical Capability Development, Sanofi
Li Xiaojing
Senior Medical Manager, CSPC Pharma Ltd.
Pol Vandenbroucke
Chief Medical Officer, Hospital Business Unit, Pfizer
Steven Zung
Medical Director, Aché Laboratories

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The IFAPP Academy-King’s College London course has given me a thorough understanding of the whole drug development process which should be patient-centered. The knowledge I have learned from both the world-top professors and outstanding classmates would definitely aid me to realize my dream!

The IFAPP Academy-King’s College London course helped me paint a lucid picture of the role of medical affairs in mind. Currently working in a research institution, the learnings pertaining to drug development and clinical trials proved to be immensely beneficial to my daily job.

In a world increasingly globalized, with a growing trend of cooperation for the development of new medicines and harmonization of regulatory requirements, the IFAPP Academy-King’s College London course helped me better understand these challenges and have a broader perspective of acting as a medical affairs professional.

I have greatly benefitted from the exchange with colleagues from all over the world. IFAPP Academy-King’s College London’s program is a truly global one.

IFAPP Academy-King’s College London’s Professional Certification Program is an educational program that enables Medical Affairs professionals to invest in consistent individual professional development. I know this program will play in my ability to succeed in my professional life.

Amalgamating the critical role of Medical Affairs as custodians of the right medicine for the right patient at the right time, the IFAPP Academy-King’s College London course has empowered me with the confidence to strategically influence stakeholders via my newfound knowledge in medicines development.

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