IFAPP Academy Faculty, Tamás Sütő, MD, PhD, MICR

Tamás Sütő

Chief Medical Officer, Sanofi Asia

Dr Sütő is dedicated to improving people’s well-being and public health meaningfully.

He obtained his MD from the Semmelweis University Medical School in Budapest, Hungary and his PhD from University College London (UCL), UK. Apart from clinical duties in England and Hungary, Dr Sütő also held faculty appointments as a Wolfson Scholar in Biochemistry at UCL, an assistant professor in Pathophysiology and Clinical Chemistry at the Semmelweis University, and a visiting professor in Physiology at West Virginia University, US.

During his tenure in academic medicine, Dr Sütő conducted research on the role of vasoactive mediators in the pathogenesis of pregnancy-induced hypertension and renal diseases. He developed a novel concept of cellular defense in acute renal tissue injury and elucidated the renal tubular metabolism of Endothelium Derived Relaxing Factor/Nitric Oxide. As a passionate teacher, Dr Sütő has mentored and trained medical students, specialists, and scientists in various medical and scientific disciplines.

Before his current role, Dr Sütő was the Head of Global Medical Affairs at Sanofi Oncology, the Therapeutic Area Head for Hematology/Oncology and Head of International Medical Affairs at Amgen, and a clinical development team leader at Roche/Genentech. During his work in clinical research Dr Sütő developed and launched practice-changing medicines in the treatment of various cancers. He has published his scientific and clinical research work in leading scientific journals including the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Clinical Oncology, and Journal of Immunology.