Future of Medical Affairs: “Third Strategic Pillar”

“Third Strategic Pillar” of the pharmaceutical industry

medical affairs future

Learn what McKinsey & Company has to say about the future of Medical Affairs, “A Vision for Medical Affairs in 2025”. 

Are you ready for the future of Medical Affairs? In A vision for Medical Affairs in 2025, a new report released by McKinsey & Company, Medical Affairs is cited as the “third strategic pillar”[1], right along with R&D, and commercial & market access1 in the pharmaceutical industry. Essentially, Medical Affairs professionals are no longer acting as the supporting cast, they are now co-starring in the production.

As the pharmaceutical industry evolves and changes, those within it must adapt and develop the skills and competencies needed to address the emerging needs.  Patients and physicians are seeking high-quality and reliable information, products, and services.  Pharmaceutical companies are acknowledging the primary role that Medical Affairs Professionals play in providing this, and ultimately bridging the gap between the company and its stakeholders (physicians and patients).  The need for qualified, competent, and agile Medical Affairs Professionals to fill this primary role within organizations has become apparent.  

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