IFAPP & SIMeF present the 20th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine (ICPM)

Save the date for the 20th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine

IFAPP (the International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Pharmaceutical Medicine) and SIMeF (the Italian Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine) are proud to announce the forthcoming 20th ICPM (International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine). The Conference, Patients Centered Medicines Development: Facts and Expectations, will be jointly organized with the first SIMeF National Conference in March 2020 in Rome.

Mark your calendars for March 25 – 27, 2020 for the 20th ICPM and 1st National SIMeF

IFAPP President, Kyoko Imamura, MD, DrMedSci, PhD

“ICPM has been the important opportunity for us as professionals in pharmaceutical medicine, and we are delighted to develop it in Rome, where decades-long efforts have generated dedicated pharmaceutical physicians and medicines development scientists.”

IFAPP President Dr. Kyoko Imamura

20th ICPM: Patients Centered Medicines Development: Facts and Expectations

The International part of the Conference will cover the first two days, with 2 keynote speeches (CIOMS Secretary and Telethon Director), a round table of education in Pharmaceutical Medicine, 2 plenary sessions on the role of patients in drug development and the modern vision of Medical Affairs, and 8 parallel sessions during the two afternoons.

IFAPP President-elect, Marco Romano

“I have the privilege and the pleasure to host both the XX ICPM and the I SIMeF Conference in Rome: it is a unique opportunity for my country and especially for my Italian colleagues who may meet international speakers and collaborators.”

Dr. Marco Romano, SIMeF President, and IFAPP President-elect

1st National SIMeF Conference

The National part of the Conference will be held on the third day, March 27, and will have a morning session devoted to a round table on the status of clinical research in Italy. In the afternoon the General Assembly will take place, with the nomination of the new SIMeF President, and then a session devoted to Medical Devices.

See you in Rome, March 2020!

International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Pharmaceutical Medicine

About the International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Pharmaceutical Medicine (IFAPP)

The International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Pharmaceutical Medicine (IFAPP) is a non-profit organization based in The Netherlands, whose mission is to promote Pharmaceutical Medicine by enhancing the knowledge, expertise and skills of pharmaceutical physicians and medicines development scientists world-wide.  The IFAPP Academy is a non-profit organization based in the USA affiliated with IFAPP and is responsible to run its educational activities.

The National Institute of Health: All of Us Research Program

A study that will provide much-needed insight for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies, allowing for a truly patient-centric approach with precision medicine.

“The ultimate goal of the All of Us Research Program is to collect information to lead to incredible discoveries in biomedical research and precision medicine, but along the way, we are going to transform lives. We are going to provide opportunities for people that historically have not had the opportunity to participate in research, and I think that’s a really important part of the program, and something that I feel really honored to get to be a part of.”

—Amy Taylor, regional vice president, Community Health Center, Inc.

What is the Precision Medicine Initiative?

The Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) is a bold research effort to revolutionize how we improve health and treat disease. The PMI aims to leverage advances in genomics, emerging methods for managing and analyzing large datasets while protecting privacy, and health information technology to accelerate biomedical discoveries.

What is the All of Us Research Program?

NIH’s All of Us Research Program is a major piece of the PMI. All of Us will engage one million or more volunteers living in the U.S. to contribute their health data over many years to improve health outcomes, fuel the development of new treatments for disease, and catalyze a new era of evidence-based and more precise preventive care and medical treatment.

The above information, videos, and quotes were provided by the NIH, All of Us website. For additional information please visit:

Tufts CSDD Partners with IFAPP Academy to Develop an Innovative Online Course: “Leadership in Medical Affairs”

Tufts CSDD partners with IFAPP Academy to create online course, "Leadership in Medical Affairs."
Figure 1: From left to right: Robert Franco, Lead Facilitator; Honorio Silva, CEO of IFAPP Academy; Ken Kaitin, Director of Tufts CSDD; Ana B Salgado, IFAPP Academy Director of Strategic Operations; and Gustavo Kesselring IFAPP Academy VP

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 — Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (Tufts CSDD) will partner with IFAPP Academy to create a new course, “Leadership in Medical Affairs”, that will be offered in 2020 as a complement to the IFAPP Academy-King’s College London-Tufts CSDD Professional Certification Program “Medical Affairs in Medicines Development.” The planning activities for this innovative approach to education and training, in this critical area for the medical role within the biopharmaceutical industry, have already started.  Dr. Kenneth Kaitin, Professor of Medicine and Director of Tufts CSDD and Dr. Ana Salgado, IFAPP Academy Director of Strategic Operations will coordinate the initiative.  Dr. Kaitin has also been appointed a member of the IFAPP Academy’s Advisory Council. 

The partnership with Tufts CSDD will provide IFAPP Academy students and alumni the option to attend the six-week Course “Leadership in Medical Affairs.” This specialized leadership course will combine theoretical leadership principles, with relevance in Medical Affairs, and practical applications. Students will have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders while participating in business case discussions, lectures, webinars, forums, and panel discussions, entirely online.

IFAPP Academy President/CEO, Module Chair

This new Course will help in leveraging leaderships skills to provide strategic medical direction to the organization” said Honorio Silva, MD, IFAPP Academy Chief Executive Officer, “and enhance the stakeholders perception of the medical function as a key contributor to improving patient outcomes.

Benefits for Medical Affairs Professionals

There are also numerous benefits of this collaboration for Medical Affairs professionals. Individuals will be taught the steps needed to evolve from leading themselves to achieving results through others. They will gain the understanding needed to transition from a medical/science contributor to a company leader. The course will provide professionals with the principles needed for creating and leading highly effective teams; including specialized teams (matrixed, cross-functional, cross-geographies). Students will understand how to provide value to an organization by translating real-world data, clinical outcomes, and other data insights into innovative solutions for patient needs and pharmaceutical challenges to allow for improved business development.

IFAPP Academy Advisory Council member, Ken Kaitin

Tufts CSDD is excited to partner with IFAPP Academy in offering this new online course on Leadership in Medical Affairs,” said Dr. Kenneth Kaitin, Professor and Director of Tufts CSDD. “The program will be a fitting compliment to Tufts CSDD’s annual two day in-person course on Leadership for Drug Development Teams, now in its 18th year. Additionally, I look forward to serving on the IFAPP Academy’s Advisory Council and working with the organization’s staff as we develop this exciting new online program.”

Tufts CSDD partners with IFAPP Academy for Leadership in Medical Affairs

About Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (Tufts CSDD) at Tufts University

The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development ( at Tufts University provides data-driven analysis and strategic insight to help drug developers, regulators, and policy makers improve the efficiency and productivity of pharmaceutical R&D. Tufts CSDD also offers professional development courses, hosts workshops and public forums, and publishes the Tufts CSDD Impact Report, a bi-monthly newsletter focusing on critical drug development issues.

IFAPP Academy online medical affairs course

About IFAPP Academy

The International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Pharmaceutical Medicine (IFAPP) Academy ( is a non-profit organization based in the USA, affiliated with IFAPP, and is comprised of a unique partnership between academia, industry, and professional associations to foster competencies and improving performance in medical affairs and medicines development. The IFAPP Academy-Kings College London, Medical Affairs in Medicines Development, Certification Program was created to achieve this goal. The online Program aims to provide the core cognitive competencies for an effective performance in medicines development and medical affairs. The certification program is of particular value for those individuals already working in (or interested in joining) pharmaceuticals, academia, and regulatory agencies. Students successfully completing the course receive a Certificate granted by King’s College London and IFAPP Academy, a Professional Certification granted by IFAPP and the IFAPP Academy, and the use of post-nominal letters (CMD) to attest certification.

Get to know IFAPP Academy Student, Dr. Epaïnète GAWA

IFAPP Academy Student Dr. Epaïnète GAWA, Global Medical Expert, Sanofi
  • What is your name and job title?

Epaïnète GAWA, Global Medical Expert in Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

  • What do you feel is your greatest achievement?

My professional development in recent years. It’s a real opportunity to be part of the global medical team of Sanofi consumer healthcare. Indeed I have joined Sanofi at the local level by working on transversal projects, medico-marketing, pharmacovigilance, and clinical studies.
Today I have a specific medical position, with close interaction with regulatory and pharmacovigilance teams. As a partner, I give my best, and I also learn from others to face future challenges.

  • What is your favorite hobby and/or activity outside of your work?

 Football, scrabble, cinema, reading

  • What do you enjoy most about being a Medical Affairs Professional?

As a physician, my greatest satisfaction is to contribute to the well-being of the patient through an assessment of products based on their efficacy and safety datas, and to propose a risk mitigation plan. In addition i like the medical strategy because it helps to identify the real needs of patients and to propose the appropriate actions.

  • What has been the most beneficial aspect of the IFAPP Academy Program?

This program gives a broader view of the medical affairs function, and the skills required. The role of the medical affairs professional is well highlighted in all activities of the pharmaceutical industry, and this helps to better understand how we can be a key partner of other functions.

  • How has your view of the medical affairs profession altered and/or improved?

I limited the medical affairs to my personal experience but this program has shown me the evolution of the profession and the added value of our role in the life of the drug. Some topics that were abstract are now concrete for me. It is a specialty that deserves to be recognized in view of the complexity of the various skills required to be a professional in medical affairs. This profession has a major role in all decisions concerning the life of the product, from the discovery of the molecule to the monitoring and innovation of the mature product. The professionals must be multi-skilled and have a critical judgment in all discussions hence the extensive knowledge provided by this program.

  • Any additional comments that you would like to make about the Program?

This program is an opportunity to exchange with experts and other professionals from the pharmaceutical industry through webinars and forums. In addition to deepening our knowledge, it is a professional network that is created.

Thanks to Sanofi which is a partner of this program, and thanks to the IFAPP team for your expertise.