IFAPP Academy Secretary

Soneil Guptha, MD FACC FESC AFPM

Independent pharmaceutical physician and consultant in pharmaceutical medicine (Drug & Device Development and Drug Regulation


Soneil brings 40 years of experience as an academician, clinician and drug developer in the USA, Europe, and Asia Pacific in cardiology and metabolic medicine/therapeutics. He has conceptualized, coordinated, executed protocols and acted as the Lead Physician for out-come trials. His research work include: lipid lowering agents, antihypertensive drugs, thrombolytic, antiaggregants, hypoglycemic agents and medical devices.  Much of his original research or reviews have been published in peer reviewed journals. His drug development work has either led to a successful NDA or change in labeling and enabled augmentation of practice guidelines worldwide.

Soneil has also been the chair of Advisory Boards and Steering Committees, been the editor/peer reviewer for scientific publications and presented at conferences or to the agencies world-wide. Today, he directs medical policies ensuring that clinical programs and materials have the scientific rigor and are in compliance with regulations. In addition he is a member/participant of Cardiac Safety Research Consortium (CSRC), Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM) at the Royal College of Physicians, UK as well as   the Pharmacology & Therapeutic subcommittees of European Society of Cardiology and the American College of Cardiology.

Soneil has extensive experience in business development.   He was the Medical and Scientific Assessor for all cardiovascular due diligence activities at Merck, Pfizer and Abbott which led to profitable acquisitions.

As an educator, Soneil continues to volunteer in local universities (DeSales University, PA; University of Bridgeport CT, Hertford Hospital Integrative Medicine course) in developing and execution of online education in cardiology, epidemiology and statistics. Internationally, he maintains a close relationship in educational activities of the FPM in the UK.