IFAPP Academy Faculty, Dr. Omar Antonio Alvarez-Pousa

Dr Omar Antonio Alvarez-Pousa

Dr Omar Antonio Alvarez-Pousa is a passionate intrapreneur in the business environment and an innovative professor in the academic field.

For more than 30 years, he has developed his business at international pharmaceutical companies in the US (Zoetis and Pfizer) and in Argentina (Bayer), in addition to top Argentinean companies in the transportation and construction industries – which allowed him to gain his expertise in business models and processes, information technology applied to business plans,, development of business cases, and Program/Project Management.

His academic experience has been developed at New York University, in the US, for 15 years, and previously at several national and private universities in Argentina, for 20 years – becoming a specialist in developing innovative business ideas through business plans and cases translated into degree courses.

His academic credentials include an Argentinean Doctorate in Business Administration, plus an MBA and a CPA, along with Certificates in the US, from NYU and Berkeley.
Currently, he is a New Yorker / New Jerseyan, dedicating his spare time to learn from art and history, and traveling to get knowledge, and sharing special time with his wife and son.