IFAPP Academy Director and Module Chair Nikolas Karkanias

Nikolas Karkanias

Nikolas Karkanias, Ph.D. is the Senior Director, Field Based Medical Lead for Oncology Biosimilars in the U.S. Nik received his B.S. in biochemistry at Rutgers University and his Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of Florida. Nik has diverse experiences from roles in research, legal, medical education, and medical affairs at several companies for nearly two decades.

Nik joined Pfizer in June 2011 in field medical governance to help develop Pfizer as a leader in field medical. Nik has worked on various projects and policies globally to improve the operational effectiveness, role scope and governance of field medical people, processes, and technology. Nik built and leads the first field medical organization in Pfizer Essential Health with a unique operating model for their needs.

Before coming to Pfizer, Nik worked as a medical science liaison in various therapeutic areas, as a scientific advisor for a patent law firm, in risk management and compliance for promotional and non-promotional functions, and led franchise operations and communications for US medical affairs teams.