João Massud-Filho

Professor/Coordinator at Pharmaceutical Medicine postgraduate course. Syrian-Lebanese Research Institute s (São Paulo, Brazil).

Dr Massud served as professor/coordinator for a similar graduate program at the Federal University of São Paulo for 14 years. He was also involved in other academic activities related to clinical research and drug development. He is the Past-President of the Brazilian Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (SBMF).

João has a long experience (30 years) at the country/regional management for several pharmaceutical companies:  Pfizer, Spa Pharmaceuticals, Farmitalia/Carlo-Erba, Merrell-Lepetit, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Apsen Pharmaceuticals and Laboratorio Cristalia. He also served as executive medical director for BMS in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.  His medical education was received at the Federal University of Sao Paulo, in addition to a degree in Biology from the University of São Paulo. He received post graduate education in   Pediatrics, Psychosomatic Medicine and Pharmaceutical Medicine.

Dr. Massud has participated as author, co-author or study coordinator in more than 400 clinical trials. He also has been a prolific writer with publications in peer reviewed journals and book chapters. He is the Editor of a Textbook in Pharmaceutical Medicine (first in the Portuguese language).  He is an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine and has participated in the board of several professional associations and editorial boards in Brazil and Latin America.