IFAPP Academy Faculty, Dr. Helene Schluep

Helene Schluep

Helene Schluep is a French-certified neurologist. She joined Pfizer in 2002 as a product physician for Lyrica & Neurontin. She has been developing expertise in Medical Affairs at Pfizer through various leadership roles either at the country level or at the regional level. In 2004, Helene moved to Ophthalmology as the medical team leader before joining the Regional European Team in 2006 working on Antifungals, Allergy, and Respiratory and setting up the Neurosciences platform as the medical team leader.

In 2012 Helene gained significant country experience when she took over the role as medical lead/medical director for Primary Care in France. In 2014 Helene moved to NYHQ, as Vice President, taking over responsibilities for Latin America and setting up the Medical Affairs structure including the Customer Facing Medical in the region. In 2016 her responsibilities expanded to include to AfMe and Emerging Asia. Helene brings robust knowledge and understanding of Medical Affairs through various national and international roles in diverse therapeutic areas.