IFAPP Academy Faculty, Dr. Christopher-Paul Milne

Dr. Christopher-Paul Milne


Dr. Christopher-Paul Milne joined the Center for the Study of Drug Development at the Tufts University School of Medicine (Tufts CSDD) in Boston over 20 years ago as a Senior Research Fellow and has published over 100 book chapters, white papers, and journal articles. His research interests include: disease, demographic, and market access factors in the emerging markets; incentive programs for pediatric studies, orphan products, and medical countermeasures (MCMs); and, tracking the progress of new regulatory and research initiatives such as facilitated regulatory pathways (FRPs), regulatory science, as well as regenerative medicine programs (RMAT & ATMP).

Dr. Milne became Director of Research at Tufts CSDD in 2011, and a Research Associate Professor at Tufts University Medical School in 2014. He served as a visiting fellow at the Innogen Center, University of Edinburgh, Scotland in the fall of 2006. More recently in the spring of 2015, Dr. Milne was a visiting professor at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan.

Although Dr. Milne recently retired from Tufts University, he continues to serve as a Research Associate at the Innogen Center and remains on the editorial boards of Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science (TIRS) and Pharma Focus Asia. Dr. Milne received a BA from Fordham University, an MPH from The Johns Hopkins University, and holds doctoral degrees in veterinary medicine and law, respectively from UNPHU and UNH, and is a licensed attorney in the state of New Hampshire.