Domenico Criscuolo, MD, PhD

Dr Criscuolo graduated in Medicine, with PhD in Haematology and in Clinical Oncology.

Domenico started as Clinical Research Physician at Lepetit Milano with the responsibility to develop European Phase II and III studies for original NCEs (antimicrobials, corticosteroids, respiratory, cardiovascular), working in cooperation with European affiliates.  Afterwards he was appointed Director of International Clinical Research and Drug Safety at Roche Milano, responsible for building the Clinical Research Department in addition to include Italian and Greek sites as  part of the pre-NDA clinical program, in order to contribute to the global NDA. The clinical development work undertaken for interferon alpha, doxifluridine, capecitabine, herceptin, rituximab in oncology and for tolcapone, moclobemide, aniracetam in CNS were of high value and contributed to a significant market success.

Then he assumed the position of  VP Europe at ICON Milano. His tasks were to establish and organize the Milano office and to supervise ongoing activities in France (an office of 100) and in Israel (an office of 25).  He is currently the President of Genovax, a start-up company exploring the clinical value of therapeutic vaccines in autoimmune diseases and in cancer. Two candidates are in preclinical and clinical development.

Dr. Criscuolo has been  involved in several research areas: haematology (leukemias, lymphomas, blood coagulation, platelets, haemophilia); anticancer agents (chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies); dermatology (psoriasis, acne, onychomycosis, melanoma, cutaneous lymphoma); CNS (Parkinson, senile dementia, depression); biotech products (IFN, IL 2, IL12, TNF, monoclonal antibodies); HIV (protease inhibitors, NNRTI); cardiovascular agents (hypertension, CHF, stroke); gastrointestinal agents (Crohn); respiratory agents (cough, asthma, cystic fibrosis); anti-infective agents (cephalosporins, antimycotics, quinolones); anesthesia; obesity ; rheumatology (NSAIDs, monoclonal antibodies); medical devices.

As Past President of the Italian Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine) and IFAPP Dr. Criscuolo was involved in the PharmaTrain program since its inception and currently  leads the Italian SMD team.