IFAPP Academy Faculty, Daniel Garcia, MsPharm, MSc

Daniel Garcia

He is a pharmaceutical professional with a strong foundation in the life sciences and broad experience in a number of therapeutic areas. He earned his MsPharm degree in 2005 from the Salamanca University in Spain. In addition, he carried out a postgraduate qualification in pharmacoeconomics (Pompeu Fabra University) and studied a MSc in Pharmaceutical Industry´s Scientific Departments (University of Barcelona).

Prior to joining Drug Development and Regulation (DDR) in December 2014, Daniel worked as a community pharmacist in the UK from 2006 to 2010 and has held different positions in the pharmaceutical industry since 2011, including the areas of health economics, market access and more than five years in regulatory affairs.

Daniel García currently holds the position of Regulatory Manager at DDR, where he is in charge of Barcelona facilities. Additionally, he is involved in a number of drug development projects, scientific and regulatory activities with small and medium-size research-oriented pharma/biotech companies worldwide, taking regular part in Scientific Advice, Protocol Assistance, Orphan Drug Designation and Innovation Task Force meetings at the European Medicine Agency.