IFAPP Academy Certification, Accreditation, and Credentialing

The aim of the e-learning course is to provide the core cognitive competencies for an effective performance in medicines development and medical affairs.  The certification program would be of particular value for those individuals already working in (or interested in joining) pharmaceuticals, academia, and regulatory agencies.

  1. The Program will be offered as an online modular CPD (continuing professional development).
  2. The Program will be offered as six (6) modules, each including ten (10) online asynchronous lectures with required reading, assignments, and bi-weekly synchronous webinars (4 per module) with the assigned module coordinators.
  3. The modules are to be offered bi-monthly in 2018.
  4. Online assessment will be conducted at the end of each module.
  5. After successful completion of the six (6) modules, an overall centralized assessment will be conducted.
  6. Students successfully completing the six (6) modules and the end of program assessment will receive a Certificate granted by King’s College London and IFAPP Academy and a Professional Certification granted by IFAPP and the IFAPP Academy.  The use of post-nominal letters CMD (Certified in Medicines Development) to attest certification will be awarded.
  7. Academic operations will be run by IFAPP Academy and accredited by King’s College London.