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Anthony (‘Tony’) W. Fox



Dr. Fox is a pharmaceutical physician. He trained in medicine at the (now Royal) London Hospital, with particular interests in pharmacology and clinical pharmacology, spending some years at Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia) and at Harvard (Beth Israel Hospital and The Brigham).

His extensive pharma experience included Procter and Gamble and (then) Glaxo Inc (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina), where he led the clinical groups obtaining the NDAs for sumatriptan, naratriptan and remifentanil (plus a few other drugs that failed). He has since been Vice-President or Chief Medical Officer for a number of smaller companies on the west coast of the USA (Cypros, Zogenix, Allon).

Tony has had an independent consulting practice in both the USA and now in London for several years, and he is currently Visiting Professor at King’s College London. Tony’s publications span a wide field ranging from drug-receptor pharmacology, genotoxicology, clinical trial design, clinical neuropharmacology, drug regulation, etc. He is the co-editor of Principles and Practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine (Wiley-Blackwell, now in its third edition).

Tony has a secondary specialist interest in forensic medicine. An Essex man, Tony has an interest in the local history of that county, and is also a fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society, Royal Geographical Society, and Royal Society of Arts and Manufactures.