Featured IFAPP Academy Student: Olena Kurayeva

Get to know the students of the IFAPP Academy!

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Get to know the students of the IFAPP Academy!

Each month the IFAPP Academy will highlight the achievements and successes of a current student or alumnus.

The IFAPP Academy is proud to provide continuing professional development to Medical Affairs Professionals worldwide. To showcase our students and their achievements, the Academy is starting a new feature where we will highlight a current student or an alumnus of the IFAPP Academy each month.

This month, we would like to introduce you to, Olena Kurayeva, a current student of the IFAPP Academy/King’s College, Medical Affairs in Medicines Development, Certification Program.

Featured IFAPP Academy Student: Olena Kurayeva

What is your name and job title?

Olena Kurayeva, Western Belt PEH Medical Lead in Pfizer

What do you feel is your greatest achievement?

Being Pfizer Medical Lead, with close collaboration with National key decision makers to get the process of National antimicrobial stewardship program creation initiated

What is your favorite hobby and/or activity outside of your work?

Family, Reading, Jogging. I enjoy being with my husband and our daughter. This is where I charge my batteries and fuel my professional life.

What do you enjoy most about being a Medical Affairs Professional?

“Working as a physician in a premier innovative biopharmaceutical company in the upcoming era of Big Data medicine puts me in a unique position to link scientific and clinical results to patient outcomes.”

What has been the most beneficial aspect of the IFAPP Academy Program?

Flexible schedule-opportunity to study in the most convenient time and place, mature experts in different areas and nice delivery.

How has your view of the medical affairs profession altered and/or improved?

This program helped to identify more areas where I can make a difference as a Medical Lead, which results in bringing additional value to the company, and where my background is essential.

Any additional comments that you would like to make about the IFAPP Academy/King’s College, Medical Affairs in Medicines Development, Certification Program?

Thank you and keep going with the same spirit!

Thank you, Olena! The Academy looks forward to seeing your many great achievements and contributions to the Medical Affairs arena.

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