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Networking opportunities

…because as the old saying goes ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. However, in the world of medical affairs, it’s more about having the benefit of BOTH! ‘Being in the know’ and knowing the right people. According to McKinsey &Co., to understand and demonstrate value, medical affairs professionals need to engage and partner with a broad range of healthcare stakeholders to more fully understand the diverse needs of patients.[1]

Stand out as a Medical Affairs Professional

Share your qualifications and education at the IFAPP/King’s College Certification Program and professionals will know that you have the necessary competencies and skills to excel in the future of Medical Affairs.

Keep up to date on the future of Medical Affairs

Following the IFAPP Academy means that you’ll be notified when posts are made of beneficial articles and information pertinent to the Medical Affairs Community

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[1] Evers, M., Fleming, E., Ghatak, A., Hartmann, J., Nathoo, A., Piervincenzi, R., . . . Westra, A. (n.d.). Pharma Medical Affairs 2020 and beyond. Retrieved May 29, 2018, from and medical products/pmp new/pdfs/pharma_medical_affairs_2020.ashx