IFAPP Academy Board of Officers
<center>Honorio Silva, MD GFMD FFPM (Hon)</center>

Honorio Silva, MD GFMD FFPM (Hon)

President/CEO, Module Chair

Past President IFAPP
Visiting Professor and Director, IFAPP-King’s College London Professional Certification Program

<center>Gustavo Kesselring, MD</center>

Gustavo Kesselring, MD

Vice President/External Affairs, Module Chair

Senior Lecturer, School of Cancer & Pharmaceutical Sciences, King’s College London

<center>Prof. Peter Stonier, MB ChB, BSc, PhD, MRCPsych, FRCP, FRCPE, FFPM</center>

Prof. Peter Stonier, MB ChB, BSc, PhD, MRCPsych, FRCP, FRCPE, FFPM

Vice President, Academic Affairs

Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine, King’s College London and independent pharmaceutical physician and consultant in pharmaceutical medicine.

<center>Soneil Guptha, MD, FACC, FESC, AFPM</center>

Soneil Guptha, MD, FACC, FESC, AFPM


Independent pharmaceutical physician and consultant in pharmaceutical medicine (Drug & Device Development and Drug Regulation)

<center>Lewis A. Miller MS, CCHP</center>

Lewis A. Miller MS, CCHP


Director, Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME)

<center>Ana B. Salgado</center>

Ana B. Salgado

Director, Strategic Planning

Global Pharma, Consultant & Advisor

<center>Beate Schmidt MSc, MDRA, RAC (EU & US)</center>

Beate Schmidt MSc, MDRA, RAC (EU & US)

Director, Module Chair

Freelance regulatory consultant to the pharma and biotech industry

<center>Domenico Criscuolo, MD, PhD</center>

Domenico Criscuolo, MD, PhD

Director, Module Chair

Past President of the Italian Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine) and IFAPP, Italian SMD Team Lead

<center>Dominique Dubois, MD, FBCPM, FFPM</center>

Dominique Dubois, MD, FBCPM, FFPM

Director, Module Chair

Editor-in-Chief of Frontiers in Pharmaceutical Medicine & Outcomes Research

<center>Nikolas Karkanias, Ph.D.</center>

Nikolas Karkanias, Ph.D.

Director, Module Chair

Senior Director, Field Based Medical Lead for Oncology Biosimilars in the U.S., Pfizer

<center>Pol Vandenbroucke, MD, MSc, MBA, FFPM</center>

Pol Vandenbroucke, MD, MSc, MBA, FFPM

Director, Module Chair

Chief Medical Officer Pfizer Hospital Business Unit

<center>Pravin Chopra, MD</center>

Pravin Chopra, MD

Director, Module Chair

Independent Global Life Sciences Medical Executive

<center>Sandor Kerpel-Fronius, M.D., D.Sc.</center>

Sandor Kerpel-Fronius, M.D., D.Sc.

Director, Module Chair

Professor of Clinical Pharmacology. Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy. Semmelweis Medical University. Budapest, Hungary

<center>Xavier Luria, MD</center>

Xavier Luria, MD

Director, Module Chair

Independent consultant on Drug Development and Drug Regulation, located in Barcelona and London