Benefits of the IFAPP Academy Medical Affairs in Medicines Development Certification Program

Graduates will benefit from the IFAPP Academy Program through:

  • Leveraged Capability in performing at their current functions
  • Increased Flexibility in adapting to the changing business environment
  • Effective approaches to problem-solving
  • Broadened paths for career development
  • Fostered recognition of Medicines’ development as a distinct discipline and profession through certification.

Benefits for all stakeholders: Patients, Medical Groups, and Society

  • Well-formed professionals with the core competencies would enrich the workforce in the biopharmaceutical industry
  • Creation of certified and competent professionals will help in developing better medicines and guide on their appropriate use for the benefit of patients, healthcare, and society.
  • Public assurance of competence and professionalism involving individuals working in medical affairs and medicines’ development.

Ultimate beneficiaries – Patients & Public Health