Contributing to Global Healthcare

From years of training and hard work in pharmaceuticals, devices, or diagnostics, you have executed a solid performance in your role as a biomedical professional. Now it is time to acknowledge the depth of competence and expertise with a certification that reflects your commitment to your profession.

Whether you are aspiring to progress your career, moving into a new role, assuming greater responsibilities, or transitioning from academia to industry, acquire the knowledge, skills and behavior that contribute to development of better medicines interacting with key stakeholders in this process.


Certification in Medicines Development

A strategic partnership has been established with King’s College London, a leading healthcare research and teaching university in Europe, to deliver a world-class course that empowers you with the formal training to contribute towards the development of better medicines and facilitate their integration into healthcare systems.

Learn best practices from industry leaders in a blended, highly interactive online setting with professional experts and peers from across the world. Expand your current level of understanding the best practices through business-case reviews, discussion panels, lectures, webinars, and forums.

The six modules of the program can be completed in 10 months. Upon completion of the course, you will receive an academic certificate from King’s College London and a professional certification from IFAPP and IFAPP Academy. You can be proud of and use the CMD (Certified in Medicines Development) post-nominal letters reflecting the recognition of your achievements.

Leadership in Medical Affairs

For Medical Affairs professionals with aspirations in raising the profile of their role, we developed our Leadership in Medical Affairs course. We partnered with Tufts University’s Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) to create a course that encompasses both the theory and the application of leadership principles in Medical Affairs.

Gain leadership insights from industry leaders while interacting with other global biomedical professionals over business case reviews. Build networks with faculty and peers across the industry via discussion panels, lectures, webinars, and forums in an interactive online setting.

Add this course to your portfolio of formal training and develop professional leadership skills so you can leverage the strategic decision-making within your organization. Get the skills that allow you to provide value through translating real-world data, clinical outcomes, and other data insights into innovative solutions for better medicines and patient outcomes.

The Role of Medical Affairs in Medicines Development

If you are new to the Medical Affairs function and want a resource designed to yield stand-out knowledge of the industry, we offer you a course that encapsulates the fundamentals of Medicines Development. IFAPP Academy has curated a curriculum with Pharma Train’s rigorous standards in mind that captures the essence of the clinical, regulatory, and marketing aspects of the medicine’s lifecycle.

The biopharmaceuticals industry has an ever-shifting terrain. You will learn from global industry leaders and stakeholders in pharmaceuticals, academia, and regulatory the principles and current settings. You will have the opportunity to build relationships with faculty and peers through interactive online learning.